Emarsys Web Channel

Integrating automation, segmentation, and real personalization into your website opens doors to exceptional capabilities and an unprecedented user experience. With Emarsys Web Channel, you can see what your customers are doing in real-time, set up overlays for anonymous visitors that are displayed on exit intent, and lead them to the products they want.

Cross-device identification


Real-time filtering

Collect more data and enrich profiles

All the customer data that is being collected across channels helps enrich individual profiles and allows you to see a holistic view of each unique customer. Web Channel delivers all this information in one place, so you have a complete picture of each customer’s journey, allowing you to complete the omnichannel experience.

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Increase your customer base

Capture the identity of anonymous visitors by adding overlays on entry or exit intent to your website. With easy-to-use forms, you can feed information directly into your customer database, easily creating new profiles.