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Infographic: Personalizing the Travel Experience with Open Time Content

Lisa Manthei
Lisa Manthei

Travel is most fulfilling when everything conveniently goes according to plan, and after you’ve spent the money on flights and hotels, it’s reasonable to expect some assistance in keeping things convenient, like, say, from the travel company with whom you booked your trip.

What if you wanted to check on a better hotel price while you’re in the air? Or perhaps you want to see dining options near the airport. If you’re traveling internationally, maybe you’d like to double-check the exchange rate to ensure you’re getting the best deal. You could search for these details manually and take your chances on the results, or your travel company could provide you with an email that includes these details and more.

Providing Information Travelers Can Use

But how would you feel if you opened an email, sent five days ago, about an upgrade in plane seating or a discount on a hotel room? Those deals are probably no longer accurate. Even if you had opened the email when it was sent, the info may have been outdated within minutes. Frustrating, yes? Especially when you’ve got an itinerary with its own distinct set of addresses, schedules, modes of transportation, accommodations, and confirmation numbers. Wouldn’t it be nice if your travel company gave you information you could use whenever you opened the email? Open Time Content allows travel marketers to do just that.

The Challenge that Travel Marketers Face

Providing customers with accurate personalized data about time-sensitive content, in real time, is a significant challenge for travel marketers. In the past, email could only convey information accurate in the moment the email was sent. Emarsys’ Open Time Content solves that problem by providing travelers with various helpful features like weather forecasts, countdown timers to help travelers plan ahead, personalized offers that directly apply to the individual customer, and all-in-one email that is updated with accurate, real-time data when the customer opens it.

Final Thoughts

For more about Open Time Content and how marketers can use it to drive customer engagement, come see Emarsys at EyeforTravel’s San Francisco Summit 2017 on April 24th and 25th. Conference topics encompass mobile, social media, and content strategies that concentrate on the travel industry.

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