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Why the Right Marketing Technology Can Make or Break Your Business

Brenda Stoltz
Brenda Stoltz , CEO, Ariad Partners, LLC

When planning your budget for the second half of the year or even thinking about your 2019 marketing planning how are you thinking about technology that can streamline, enhance, and even transform your marketing and sales efforts? Are you keeping up with changing industry trends, or are you hesitant to allocate funds and resources because you’re not sure you’ll see ROI?

It’s natural to resist large-scale change like adopting new marketing tech. Between implementation, employee training, and transitioning valuable customer data to a new system, it’s incredibly easy to shrug and turn a blind eye when it comes to adopting new technology. Still, your brand can suffer without the right marketing platform, and here’s why.

Funds You’re “Saving” are Actually Being Lost in Productivity

Sure, if you don’t spend much budget on martech this year, you’ll have more money to spend on other activities within the business. But in looking at the big picture and over the long-term your team won’t be as productive or successful as they might be with the right access to the right marketing automation technology.

Think of it like this: your marketing team are like trained marksmen, ready to strike and disrupt your industry. But without superior tools to execute with, they aren’t going to be as fast, agile, and productive as they could be.

“Your #marketing team are like trained marksmen — but without superior tools, they won’t be as fast, agile, or productive,” says @BSStoltz      CLICK TO TWEET

Let’s say you’re considering investing in artificial intelligence marketing software to augment your email marketing process, but are hesitant to pull the trigger. As a result, your email marketing person/team will continue to manually segment and send emails to leads in as narrowly defined segments as they possibly can making for a pretty darn painstaking, high-stress day-to-day. This eats up a lot of time and energy that same person could spend creating stronger strategies around your email program, writing clever copy, and organizing further sequences.

AI-Enabled Martech Can Help with Just About any Task

Email marketing is no longer the only or central tool businesses can leverage. In fact, a move away from “point” solutions (software that handles one, specific task, like email) is becoming the norm. All-encompassing marketing technology can handle a wide spectrum of e-commerce marketing tasks, including:

  • Product recommendations
  • Email marketing best send time and open-time content
  • Individualized incentive offers
  • Campaign execution
  • Social media retargeting

Adopting new martech that can augment your digital marketing efforts in the areas that are giving your team the biggest headaches can truly benefit your business. Not doing so can cause dire (often unseen) consequences that will impact your team’s processes and your bottom line.

The best option for B2C brands today is to choose a single platform with broad functionality to solve as many pain points as possible.

“The BEST option when adopting new #martech for your #digitalmarketing efforts is to pick a single platform w/ broad functionality,” says @BSStoltz      CLICK TO TWEET

Adoption and Integration is Going to Be Relatively Easy and Will Help Set You up for the Future

Though it’s a slim margin, 7% of companies have no marketing technology in place at all. How these companies keep pace with the expectations of customers or keep up with their competition bewilders me.

Many businesses don’t invest wisely, either: 42% of marketers say their technology is fragmented or siloed. They may leverage email software, social media management tools, and an overarching CRM solution but productivity is hindered because the systems don’t “communicate.”

The big picture eludes these brands, and gaining a complete picture of the customer is near to impossible at least in real-time.

While it may cost more, it’s better to invest in a system, that helps you manage everything from one platform.

Final Thoughts

There is no good reason not to adopt top-tier marketing technology. Today, most martech solutions can be seamlessly integrated, easily and intuitively understood, and used by non-techy people plus they can yield fairly quick ROI.

Technology and AI in marketing isn’t the future it’s here today. Without it, you can’t hope to compete against top-performers in your niche. A little investment and trust in the right tool can go a long way. ◾

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This article was originally published on AllBusiness.com, here, in April of 2018. It has been re-worked and adjusted for the Emarsys blog.

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About the Author

Brenda Stoltz is the Founder and CEO of Ariad Partners, and inbound marketing consultancy that helps businesses get found online, convert more leads, and increase revenue. Brenda has a 20-year track record of consulting companies in strategy, sales, marketing, and product innovation to unleash their true potential.

Connect with Brenda: LinkedIn@BSStoltz • Ariad Partners, LLC  

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