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Bringing the Human Element into Machine Learning: Chris Seahorn of eBags [Video]

Michael Becker
Michael Becker

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No matter how advanced martech gets, marketing will always be about the human-to-human connection. Marketing needs to understand how to use personalization to enhance customer experiences, and how to use storytelling to help advance the customer journey. If we just solely rely on martech, we risk becoming dependent on it or even lazy, as Chris Seahorn, SVP of Marketing and Merchandising at eBags, describes.

We sat down with Chris to understand more about storytelling and personalization and how important they are for eBags‘ customer relationships.

Watch Chris’ 9-minute video interview:

“If I bought a handbag for my Mom, I don’t want to see handbags for the next six months of my life. Really knowing the customer, and making sure you personalize relevant experiences — interacting and injecting that human element into your machine learning strategy is incredibly important. It’s easier said than done. But you always have to make sure you’re having those conversations with your team and making sure it’s [the human element] part of that strategy.”

Chris Seahorn • SVP, Marketing & Merchandising, eBags • @seahorn

“Know the #customer, and make sure you #personalize relevant experiences by injecting the human element into your #machinelearning strategy,” says @seahorn       CLICK TO TWEET

Chris reminds us that while machine learning and the technology that supports it can seem overwhelming or even make us feel a little bit lazy the moment we forget to incorporate humanness in our marketing is the minute we lost the consumer. ◾

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