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How KitchenAid Improves Customer Experience to Drive Business Goals [Video]

Michael Becker
Michael Becker

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Today’s customers have more choices than ever before and more decisions to make about those varied options.

So, how can brands stand out in today’s overpopulated marketplace? The answer is to improve the customer experience.

Erin Dixon, CRM Manager, and David Moreno, Social Media Manager at KitchenAid, had a small team, a small budget, and a big goal. Little by little, they grew their digital efforts, implemented a responsive website prototype, a mobile-first design, and a personalized path to purchase. In time, KitchenAid was able to decrease their bounce rate by 20% and increase online sales 700% by focusing on consumer needs and developing personalized content.

Watch Erin and David’s full-length 20-minute presentation:

“One of the things we did was create a “buyer’s guide” to help educate them [our audience] and drive the need for a stand mixer. Our traditional path to purchase was category page to product page to basket.  We really wanted to test the hypothesis of ‘what happens when we insert a buyer’s guide into the path of purchase?’ People who came through this new path (other than the traditional one) were converting at upwards of 90%. We were also directing 179% more people to our store locator page. This new journey helped us achieve so much.”

Erin Dixon • CRM & Digital Marketing Specialist, KitchenAid Europa

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