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Think Like the Customer & Future-Proof Your Business: Chris Pearce, CEO, TMW Unlimited [Video]

Michael Becker
Michael Becker

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Chris Pearce, CEO at TMW Unlimited, spoke at Emarsys Revolution 2018 about changing purchase behavior and what makes a good shopping experience. Chris sheds light on goal-directed behavior, motivation, and reward fulfillment — and how they relate to marketing.

“If marketing is about anything, it’s about shaping behavior in favor of the brands we represent. The winners will be those brands that truly understand the dynamic of customer behavior and how they apply it to communications. The real winners will be those that understand the science behind why anybody buys anything in the first place.” — Chris Pearce, CEO, TMW Unlimited

Watch Chris’ full-length 30-minute presentation:

“Show how your particular #brand can close the gap between the consumer’s current state & desired state,” says @chrispearce       CLICK TO TWEET

As Chris describes, there are four ways to provide an engaging customer experience…

  1. Surprise. How can you get the customer’s brain to rewrite or reinforce existing memory structures?
  2. Emotional Connection. It’s unlikely your campaign or content will make it into long-term memory and be successful without affective impact (emotion).
  3. Brand Consistency. If a message isn’t coherent with what customers already know about a brand, it’ll be forgotten quickly!
  4. Personal Relevance. The fourth gateway — personal relevance — must show the customer why the product impacts them, individually.

To wrap up, Chris reminds us to heed lessons from history, but also apply behavioral science to effect change and purchase decisions.

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