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How Marketers Can Thrive in a Consumer-Driven World: Raj Balasundaram [Video]

Michael Becker
Michael Becker

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In his presentation, Raj Balasundaram, Senior Vice President of Artificial Intelligence at Emarsys, describes the adoption curve currently plaguing marketers: the amount of technology, software, and automation is rising exponentially; but only a finite amount of the tech is actually being adopted and used across the industry. This adoption gap is going to increase every day – and this is a fundamental problem.

So, how do marketers personalize content to truly engage with and delight customers?

Raj unveils Emarsys product vision and shares how it will help reach consumers and create truly personalized experiences in a consumer-driven world.

Check out Raj’s full-length, 40-minute presentation:

The Emarsys product vision aims to help close the adoption gap by offering:

  • Unified Personalization Services. A channel-agnostic platform with an intuitive interface, and use-case oriented platform that makes it easier to deploy personalized services across channels.
  • Optimization through AI. Setting up complicated campaign blueprints takes time and effort. AI simplifies the process through intelligent automation.
  • Industry-specific solutions. Embedded knowledge within the platform enables you to not just leverage the best strategies and tactics for your industry, but to do so based on what we’ve seen work across our client base.

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