This week’s episode: Ashwin Ram

January 9, 2018

Ashwin Ram, one of the premier AI and cognitive computing pioneers of this generation, joins the show to discuss the state of AI today and where building tech to replicate human thought will take marketers in the near future.

Prior to joining Google, Ashwin led AI development and R&D for Amazon Alexa, the intelligent agent that powers Amazon Echo and other devices. He has been pushing the envelope in artificial intelligence, natural language understanding, machine learning, and conversational dialog for years and is widely considered the leading expert at the intersection of cognitive AI and social computing.

Marketing, as Ram describes, is undergoing a shift, thanks, in part, to AI. AI helps marketers interact with people where they are without being intrusive.

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Show details and highlights

► (2:28) Getting computers to simulate human thought and where AI stands today

► (4:55) Blending ethical implications of AI with innovation and creating a great CX

► (6:16) How humans work with machines and AI

► (7:06) What’s more important: data or algorithms?

► (8:39) AI is helping us move from a channel-first to a consumer-first mindset.

► (10:00) Ashwin on the future of marketing: using AI as a personal ally

“.@Google’s modern ML system uses semi-supervised & transfer learning to take knowledge from one area & transfer it to something new where you may not have a lot of #data” says @ashwinram       CLICK TO TWEE

“We’re moving from a channel-first mindset in marketing to a consumer-first mindset. Marketing used to be about one-to-many conversations — you’d take a bunch of messages and find a way to broadcast them out to your audience. Now, marketing is shifting to be [about] one-to-one conversations. We want highly personalized, individual interactions with people when they want them, where they want them, about what they want. You need AI to help make sense of this complex world we live in to be able to interact with people where they are without being intrusive. That’s the big win for marketing!”

Ashwin Ram •  Technical Director of AI, Google, AI Researcher, and Entrepreneur • @ashwinram

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