Welcome to the New Marketer + Machine: Customer Success Series Trailer [Podcast]

Michael Becker
Digital Content Manager, Emarsys

This week’s episode: Series Intro – Customer Success

July 17, 2019

Our new series will guide you through some of the best client interviews from Emarsys Revolution — a conference held in London with the brightest minds in marketing to discuss the strategies and tools they use to find success.

As futuristic as some dynamic technology solutions sometimes sound, they’re not far off in the distance — they’re here now. Marketers are working to understand how they can be leveraged to help understand customers and deliver a great experience.

During these behind-the-scenes, exclusive on-site conversations, you’ll learn how marketers are uncovering exciting new possibilities that help scale a human experience to customers and deliver results.

Over the next several weeks, we will be diving into these conversations to help put customer success at the forefront of your marketing strategy and inspire you to understand your customers better in order to deliver an experience that keeps them coming back.

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