This week’s bonus episode – Raj Balasundaram

December 10, 2018

Raj Balasundaram, VP of Solutions and Services, joins the show to share how Emarsys is revolutionizing and personalizing the marketer’s experience. With a newly unveiled platform re-designed to be geared specifically for marketers based on their industry and unique business objectives, Emarsys is answering the call — “empty software” just isn’t cutting it! Raj explains why the right technology should work for you. Demand more from your software, not the other way around.

“#Technology is not a means to an end – it’s only a part of the solution. Don’t accept anything less.” – Raj Balasundaram       CLICK TO TWEET

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Show details and highlights

► (1:49) How Emarsys’ software personalizes the marketer experience

► (3:57) Strategy is the answer; software is a means to an end.

► (5:30) The “Objectives > Strategies > Tactics” framework

► (9:10) Buying feature-rich, empty software vs. an industry-specific kit

► (10:11) Raj on the future: recalibration of marketing — starting with the basics

► (12:17) Rapid Fire!

► (14:10) Alex Timlin, VP of Retail and e-Commerce Vertical, reflects on Raj’s interview and Emarsys’ new approach.

“There’s big, gaping holes in organizational workflows — from translating a CMO’s input to a VP’s input to the day-to-day marketer’s input. If we can plug those gaps to create a work chain right from the CXO down to tactics themselves… if we can connect the top-level objectives of the CXO to strategic KPIs, which mid-level management can look at and monitor, and even go the next level down and even recommend tactics which marketers can implement with turnkey solutions [there would be amazing value]. That’s exactly what we did. That leaves you with more time to be strategic, creative, and build relationships!”

Raj Balasundaram • SVP, Artificial Intelligence, Emarsys 

“At @Emarsys, we connected top-level objectives of the #CXO to strategic KPIs of mid-level mgmt to individual #marketing tactics” – Raj Balasundaram       CLICK TO TWEET

When you choose to adopt software that is industry-specific and created to cater to your unique business needs, you take the fast lane toward time-to-value… implementing and seeing results in a tenth of the time.


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