growth in orders.


increase in inactive reactivation rates.


increase in Facebook registrations.

Revolutionized Marketing with Emarsys

Keeping up with fashion trends and customer appetites meant that the BrandAlley marketing team spent a lot of time manually decoding and segmenting their Magento shop data. Learn how they transformed their marketing strategy with Emarsys.

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Multi-channel Execution for Personalized Ads

Emarsys CRM Ads proved to be the solution for BrandAlley’s marketing needs, increasing data accessibility while merging it with sophisticated multi-channel execution capabilities.

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With sophisticated segmentation, and data-driven content execution, Emarsys marketing platform enabled:

Expanded Engagement Reach

CRM Ads opened up BrandAlley’s contact database and enabled them to reach all of their contacts, but also allowed highly contextual lookalike audiences to be created. With focused and relevant lookalikes, they were able to improve the reach of their acquisition strategy to target new, high-quality audiences that were most likely to engage with their brand.

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Personalized Content at Scale

Combining each individual’s data with Emarsys’ analytic and segmentation capabilities revealed key customer product and category affinities that enabled BrandAlley to create hyper-contextualized lookalike audiences. Sophisticated automation capabilities enabled personalized content to be matched with audiences, improving output and enabling the marketing team to generate more focused campaigns, in greater numbers, and in less time.

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CRM-Fueled Website Remarketing

With more time and resources available, BrandAlley was able to identify gaps in their existing lifecycle strategy and start strengthening revenue streams. They developed automatic cross-channel revenue recovery programs that would deploy highly targeted ads in response to abandoned carts and browse sessions, populated with tailored content designed to convert.

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“With all of our data in Emarsys, we have all the segmentation that plugs straight into our Ad strategy. Automatically matching content to every audience has seriously boosted our revenue, especially with the increased reach and new streams.”

Alexandra Simion, Digital Marketing Manager, BrandAlley



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