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Increasing Customer Retention with the Right Partner

After 33 years in business, City Beach, an Australian fashion outfitter, wanted a way to better engage the 1.4 million contacts in their database.

Tasked with improving an underperforming email channel and replacing legacy email system, City Beach decided to combine forces with Emarsys to address this challenge. Emarsys stood out as the ideal partner, as the platform was able to deliver personal customer interactions across email, mobile, social, SMS, and web.

From the start, City Beach and Emarsys engaged with each other to establish what the brand expected from the platform and partnership. They manually set goals and had a shared vision of the database as more than just a bunch of email addresses; that data represented real people that had expressed interest in the brand, product, and lifestyle City Beach represents.

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Scaling Personalized Interactions and Creating Better Customer Experiences

After partnering with Emarsys, City Beach significantly improved not only customer engagement through their email channel, but the brand was able to scale personalized interactions through mobile, social, SMS, and web channels as well.

By cleaning up their customer database, City Beach could actually build unified profiles for each customer. As a result, their undeliverable email rate dropped from 28% to 1%. Not only that, but they were able to create targeted campaigns that drive up revenue and retention and provide a better omnichannel customer experience.

With the Emarsys marketing platform, City Beach was able to:

Get their Existing Data into Shape

Emarsys offered City Beach a way to consolidate all their customer data in one place. Then using Smart Insight, City Beach cleaned up and organized the million contacts in their database.

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Automate the Personal Connection

Emarsys gave City Beach all the 1:1 personalization tools they’d been looking for. Specifically, campaign automation and segmentation allowed City Beach to properly prioritize active customer segments.

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Create Better CX with Integrated Must-Haves

With Emarsys tools like Web Extend and CRM Ads, City Beach optimized performance in these channels, connected their great in-store experience with their loyalty program, and more.

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“City Beach integrated Emarsys and hasn’t looked back. With a 100% increase in revenue from key channels, improved speed to market, deeper customer insights, and all with a decreased cost base, Emarsys is now the marketing team’s ROI engine and one that’s clearly designed and turned for modern communications.”

Michael Doyle, Head of Marketing, City Beach

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