Evolution Slimming AIM

We struggled to identify who should receive discounts, or for what amount. The answer was hidden in our data, revealed with this new solution that not only identified what action to take, but completely automated the delivery process. AI at its finest, really.

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Evolution Slimming Success at a Glance

Using the Emarsys Incentive Recommender, Evolution Slimming experienced a significant boost in engagement by identifying the right discount for each contact. They also increased their overall revenue by avoiding those contacts who would have repurchased without any special discounts.

    • +28.6%
    • uplift in revenue
    • compared to ‘default incentive’ control group
    • +92.8%
    • uplift in revenue
    • compared to ‘no incentive’ control group


Incentive Automation

With limited resources, Evolution Slimming didn’t have the capacity to manually sift through all their data and address the issue.


The marketing team couldn’t tell if they were targeting the right customers with the best discounts, needlessly undercutting their margins. Using “blanket offers” was a safe and easy approach, but it clashed with Evolution Slimming’s highly customer-focused approach, potentially impacting profits and customer loyalty.

Resource Efficiency

Without impacting the marketing team’s ability to perform core tasks, Evolution Slimming needed the ability to personalize discounts unique to each customer. They knew that failing to tailor discounts to individuals would be detrimental to their win-back strategies.


Data-Driven Discounts

Evolution Slimming applied attribution analysis to their existing data, using historical engagement activity to calculate response patterns for each user, and then automatically tailoring discounts to each individual contact.

Measurable Performance Gains

Evolution Slimming removed the guesswork from their incentive strategy by performing side-by-side comparisons of segments receiving their standard offers, and segments where individuals received smart offers.

Streamlined Campaigns

The ability to include smart discounts in campaigns at the flick of a switch gave the team more confidence during campaign creation, as they no longer had to perform labor-intensive cost/benefit analyses before determining incentive thresholds.


The artificial intelligence technology behind the Incentive Recommendations feature enabled Evolution Slimming to infuse discounts with highly personalized offers that truly boosted engagement and drove conversions.

  • +31.2% uplift in lead-generated revenue
  • +7% revenue uplift from active buyers
  • +6.5% uplift in revenue from defecting buyers