Party Delights Success at a Glance

Party Delights’ customer engagement has soared, resulting in better email response rates, open rates, click-through rates and, ultimately, more revenue.

With the ability to use live statistics on product trends, the company can now proactively optimize marketing campaigns and tailor them to their customers’ behavior. The marketing team can simply log in to the Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud to design, create, and execute highly personalized email campaigns within minutes, saving valuable time and resources.

    • Increased
    • customer retention
    • Improved
    • message relevance


Restricted Email Communication

Their previous email supplier didn’t have the technological capabilities to segment, automate, and personalize the customer experience.

Lack of Automation

With such a large product database, it was nearly impossible for the team to automate personalized product recommendations. They were spending too much time manually analyzing top performing products.

Fragmented Data

They needed a solution that anyone within the team could use, without needing HTML knowledge. The solution needed to collect data from multiple channels, including website, email, and preference centers.


The Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud introduced highly personalized automation and real-time analytics.

Predictive Cross-Channel Marketing

Our intelligent product recommendation tool allowed Party Delights to create an abandoned cart email campaign in the Emarsys Automation Center that was highly personalized to each customer.

Real-Time Analytics

All of the segmentation and personalization could be done within one intuitive platform, without the need for any HTML knowledge. Now, the team has real-time data to understand which products are generating the most revenue.


Party Delights noticed that customers were spending more time on the website, opening more email on mobile devices, adding more products to their cart, and leaving positive feedback, which has contributed to their customer loyalty soaring. As a result, they plan to implement Emarsys Smart Insight to add a greater level of customer intelligence to their solution.