increase in open rates.


increase in click-through rates.


increase in open rates for browser abandonment notifications.

AI-Driven Personalization with Emarsys

With over 500,000 products, all of which had no standard buyer’s lifecycle, this e-tail brand needed a solution that would both take customers directly to the specific products they were interested in and help the marketing staff personalize their communication with customers. Using Emarsys AI-driven products, this brand transformed their marketing strategy.

Improved Engagement with Send Time Optimization

Using AI to determine the best times to send email, the marketing team applied STO to a sixth of the client list and saw a 4%-5% increase in open rates – even on campaigns with 70%+ open rates – and a 9% increase in click-through rates.

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With the perfect blend of AI-driven technology and strategic guidance, Emarsys marketing platform enabled this brand to:

Automate Replenishment Campaigns

Using AI to learn the recency and frequency of purchase patterns, the company applied these insights to automate replenishment and trigger reminder emails within days of the next forecasted purchase for that individual customer. This capability uncovered a huge opportunity for the company to provide customers with inventory exactly when they wanted it, resulting in hundreds of dollars in additional revenue.

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Intuitive Reporting and Insights

Simplify Email Management

With over 5 million contacts, this e-tail brand’s marketing team had no way to manually scale the personalization necessary to significantly engage customers. Using the Emarsys platform enabled them to let the machine analyze their customer data to create emails that ensured maximum success. What used to take two people several hours to several days now takes only 20 minutes with just one marketer managing the email.

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Optimize Subject Lines

By leveraging AI to let the machine analyze the details of each customer’s purchasing and browsing history over the previous three years, the marketing team no longer had to spend hours struggling to guess what subject lines would be most successful. Using A/B testing, the company earned a 12% increase in open rates, an 8% increase in click-through rates, and an impressive 56% increase in open rates for browser abandonment notifications.

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“Smart Insight was like nothing else. Shareable data, integration, real-time automation. Only Emarsys offered educated recommendations with greater accuracy. No one else was offering that on-the-fly, real-time data, lifecycle marketing.”

Chief Marketing Officer



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