Emarsys CRM Ads immediately generated a 850% ROAS via Facebook lookalikes. Simply incredible. Our ability to build and use lookalike audiences from CRM data that then delivers actual results is out of this world.

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Sheridyn Swim Success at a Glance

Sheridyn Swim transformed their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and conversion rates, using the data-driven and smart targeting capabilities of Emarsys CRM Ads. By adding smarter ads to their multi-channel marketing strategy, Sheridyn Swim raised their brand profile and strengthened indecisive browser and non-responder conversion rates.

    • 850%
    • acquisition campaign return on ad spend
    • +423%
    • retention campaign return on ad spend


The Sheridyn Swim marketing team identified the following key requirements to strengthen their online ad performance results:

Improved Targeting Efficiency

Not being able to apply what they knew about their contacts was hurting Sheridyn Swim’s ROAS. They viewed identifying, differentiating, and targeting various contact types as a key driver to improve efficiency.

Focused Lead Acquisition

Reliant on third party segmentation options for their advertising campaigns, the resulting efforts were broad and unable to differentiate between leads and existing clients. Sheridyn Swim’s marketing team needed the ability to identify prospects and provide them with a stronger incentive to return to the site and complete their first purchase.

Stronger Customer Retention

Ads were the weakest link in Sheridyn Swim’s multi-channel campaigns, as they didn’t offer existing customers the engagement and personalization capabilities found in other channels.


The Emarsys B2C Marketing cloud provided the ideal solution to improve Sheridyn Swim’s ability to drive conversions from their ad campaigns, by enabling:

Precision Identity Targeting

With CRM Ads, Sheridyn Swim categorized contacts and started tailoring highly relevant material, driven by their engagement history data, to provide truly personalized customer journeys.

Lead Conversion Tracking

Unlocking the power of their CRM database enabled Sheridyn Swim to identify aspects of their most valuable customers, and then create smart lookalike audiences that could be targeted with data-driven ad campaigns.

Intelligent Retention Automation

More powerful automation programs enabled Sheridyn Swim to increase ad relevance for existing customers throughout the purchasing lifecycle, helping to encourage repeat conversions while preventing churn.


Emarsys CRM Ads enabled Sheridyn Swim to significantly increase ROAS by bridging the gap between data and targeting, which selectively identifies and provides contacts with high-impact content.

  • +85% increase in overall conversions
  • +200% increase in dormant client reactivation rate
  • +11.5% increase in new lead conversion rate