uplift in lifecycle and ad hoc programs.


samples converted into purchase.


increased conversion of first-time to recurring customers.

Driving Engagement with Strategy, Content, and Creative

The 5th largest cosmetics company in the world, Shiseido is more than merely a beauty brand. For over 145 years, the company has produced timeless products and remains as a leader in the field of skin and hair care, cosmetics, and fragrances. Despite the storied success of the company, Shiseido Hong Kong knew they were missing out on engaging customers in a way more meaningful than batch-and-blast campaigns.

Looking for a partner to help them enhance the whole experience in the customer journey, they turned to Emarsys. With tools like Smart Insight, Automation Center, and CRM Ads, Shiseido Hong Kong found they could lean on the Emarsys platform to segment and automate so they could focus on the strategy, content, and creative of their campaigns leading to higher engagement and success.

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Better Engagement through Smart Segmentation

The Emarsys platform allowed Shiseido HK to develop over 100 automated campaigns with multiple touch points and segments. Specifically, automating customer lifecycle campaigns revealed that rather than relying on direct mail campaigns, Shiseido HK could get better engagement from their customers by moving to a more CRM-based marketing strategy.

Using the Emarsys marketing platform, the Shiseido HK team was able to create a better lifecycle experience for customers by:

Providing the Right Content for Each Customer

Once Shiseido HK started using Smart Insight, they were able to see in much greater detail which customers responded best to which types of content. Engagement went up not only by targeting the right customers but also by targeting the most effective channels for specific campaigns.

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Breaking Down Audiences for Each Brand

With data being fed into the Emarsys platform, actions being taken in real time, and performance being reported back into the platform again, Shiseido HK could now segment customers for each of the brands they manage. In particular, they could track customer behavior through CRM campaigns where they saw a significant uplift.

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Using AI to Manage Lifecycle Marketing

Never being able to meaningfully track their customers through the various stages in their customer lifecycles, using the Emarsys platform and taking advantage of automated campaigns enabled Shiseido HK to greatly improve the frequency of customer purchases, as well as cut the time between purchases.

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“Yes, we would recommend working with Emarsys to our peers. The level of service has been excellent, and they have become an extension of our marketing team. The technology is constantly improving, and the focus on AIM is particularly exciting.”

Morgan Tan, President, Shiseido Hong Kong



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