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Adapting to the pace of omnichannel commerce

For SMBs, the establishment of a strong digital presence begins with email and the website, but sets the stage for so much more.

The SMBs of today are in an interesting position – despite their size, they can still benefit from similar marketing strategies and technologies being deployed and used by larger organizations.

Through omnichannel digital strategies, companies such as Amazon continue to raise the bar around convenience, customer retention, and fulfilment. SMBs have not only recognized this, but in 2016, they are seeking to further adapt the way they operate to suit the omnichannel paradigm.

In conjunction with Emarsys, WBR Digital take a deeper look into how SMBs are adapting to the pace of omnichannel commerce.

This report by WBR Digital explores the channels and strategies deployed by SMBs to raise their game when the bigger players do the same.