Three Partners. One Goal.

Char-Broil, one of the world’s oldest and most respected outdoor cooking companies, wanted to increase engagement in their e-commerce business through more personalized interactions with their customers. Their email and eCRM agency of record, BrightWave, had the expertise to help make it happen. What the pair needed was a marketing platform that was both feature-rich and marketer-friendly to help them achieve their collective goals.

Char-Broil sought email program strategy, campaign development, and email marketing expertise, critical skills that BrightWave could provide. Unfortunately, Char-Broil’s previous email service provider (ESP) was complicated and convoluted making it difficult for the team to use without significant help from IT or an outside agency.

Trusting their expertise, Char-Broil enlisted BrightWave to help them find the right technology partner to help them achieve their goals. Based on their own testing, BrightWave was convinced that Emarsys was a great solution for Char-Broil’s specific needs and challenges and included the platform its recommendations. The two ultimately decided Emarsys was the best fit for Char-Broil’s needs.


«The primary challenge was that Char-Broil had more platform than they needed in the ESP that they were with before. It was not marketer-friendly, and the team didn’t feel confident or empowered to use that tool to get their program out the door or scale their program the way they wanted to.»

Andrea Short, Senior Strategist, BrightWave

Partners with the Right-Sized Solution

While the Emarsys platform offers the more advanced features and functionalities that BrightWave can use to create and implement sophisticated email marketing strategies, it is also easy enough for the Char-Broil team to quickly access and use as needed, too.

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When it came time to decide on a technology solution, BrightWave recommended the Emarsys platform and the tools and services that came with it to achieve Char-Broil's goals.

A Marketing Platform That Works

BrightWave was convinced that the Emarsys platform was the best solution for Char-Broil’s specific needs and challenges. With the Emarsys platform, Char-Broil could do all the things they couldn’t with their previous platform — from building segments to more accurately targeting their email campaigns based on customer data.

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Easy-to-Use Email Tools with Handy Features

BrightWave chose the Emarsys platform for Char-Broil because of the helpful features they hadn’t found anywhere else. From the Link Overview feature to the Combine Segments feature, BrightWave has found the Emarsys platform to be very intuitive overall.

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The Implementation Marketers Dream Of

Implementation can be a period of terrible strife as you quickly learn what pieces of a platform will or will not integrate with all the marketing software you hope to use. This was not the case with Emarsys. Implementation consultants were on hand throughout the entire three-month process to guide BrightWave and Char-Broil through every snag and customization hurdle.

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«We talked about Emarsys’ willingness to help train and be there to answer questions, but it’s also just a vibe. We wanted to make sure that we found an ESP partner that truly was supportive and looking to help us create the best email experience for our brands and consumers in a very non-salesman-like way.»

Paige Farrow, Senior Director of Marketing, Char-Broil